What is an Arborist?

An arborist is a tree care professional who maintains and protects trees. They trim and prune trees to keep them healthy and prevent damage to homes, roads, and power lines.

Arborists often work from heights and use specialized climbing equipment to safely access their jobs. They also use rigging equipment to transport cuttings and heavy tools from the top of the tree to the ground.

Tree Care

Investing in preventative tree care can help protect the health, beauty and value of your trees. Just like regular check-ups with a doctor and dentist, regular tree care and maintenance are necessary for their ongoing health.

Healthy trees can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property while reducing risks to homes, businesses, and the surrounding area. They also add value to your home’s resale value and increase the longevity of your property.

Arborists have specialized training to maintain the health of trees in all kinds of conditions. They use a variety of techniques to care for their trees including pruning, fertilization, and spraying.

They may also recommend cutting down dead or diseased trees that are in danger of falling or crowding the rest of the landscape. They can also shore up weak or leaning trees with support systems.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a process of eliminating trees that pose a threat to people or property. It is also used to protect a property from storm damage or for other reasons.

An arborist is a professional who has the expertise to help you with your tree needs. They can do things like plant new trees, write reports, assess the value of your current trees, and more.

Having your tree inspected by an arborist is crucial for ensuring that it is safe and healthy for you, your family, and your neighbors. They can also check the condition of your tree during storm season and help you keep it strong against high winds.

If you’re interested in learning more about what an arborist does, contact Sesmas Tree Service today to schedule a free consultation! Our ISA certified arborists will help you get the most out of your trees and your landscape. They can evaluate your trees’ health, diagnose any problems, and remove obstacles to their growth.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the process of removing different parts of a tree in order to promote proper growth and development. It involves removing dead, broken, and diseased branches and stems to benefit the tree as a whole.

It also helps create a healthy structure that encourages the development of fruit and foliage. It also reduces the risk of limbs falling onto people, vehicles, or other trees during storms.

Pruning also increases the safety of your property by removing branches that rub against each other, interfere with wiring, building facades, gutters, roofs, chimneys, windows, and that obstruct streets or sidewalks.

Moreover, pruning improves air circulation within your tree by thinned foliage. This helps increase sunlight penetration and reduces the likelihood of diseases affecting your tree.

A good arborist will prune using only accepted techniques that don’t negatively affect your tree. These include clean pruning (removing dead, diseased, and broken branches) and thinning, which removes excess foliage.

Tree Inspection

An arborist is a specialist who can maintain the health and beauty of trees. They also perform risk assessments to help protect your property and the people who live there from damage that can result from a tree falling or dying.

Keeping your trees healthy and strong is essential for their aesthetic appearance, the quality of the air they breathe, their ability to control the temperature and moisture in your yard, and much more. This is why it is a good idea to hire a professional to do regular inspections of your trees, and they will provide recommendations for any maintenance or pruning work that may be required.

The examination process is similar to a regular doctor’s visit, and an arborist will be trained to spot signs of disease that can affect your trees. They know precisely what to look for and can take regional diseases and pests into consideration, helping them diagnose problems sooner rather than later.

Hiring a professional certified arborist will help you maintain the beauty, health and structure of your trees.