Once a tree is removed you are left with the stump and roots. If the stump and roots are not removed, it can cause rot and become home to pests and fungi.

Have a stump you need to remove? There are many ways to remove it but it’s not simple or painless.

  1. Remove it Manually – Digging out the soil and exposing the roots is step one. Cut the roots using loppers or a saw depending on the root size. Removing all the roots is essential to prohibit rot.
  2. Use Chemicals – There are chemicals specifically designed to rot stumps. This method often takes months to complete and is usually toxic.
  3. Burn the Stump – Drill holes in the stump and dump kersonine or fuel inside. Allow the wood to absorb the fuel and ignite the stump. Note your neighbors may not be pleased with this method.
  4. Stump Grinding – Stump grinding is the fastest and easiest way to remove tree stumps from your property. It involves using a heavy-duty machine to grind the stump down into small pieces of mulch or wood chips. These machines can be rented by the day.

Using an experienced company to grind your tree stump allows you to reclaim your yard space without having to dig up the entire stump. Take back the space in your yard that you need for other projects or activities. By calling a professional, you’ll avoid the heavy hauling, toxic fumes and possibly a visit from the fire departing.