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A local family owned company, we are the area tree service experts
We use only quality equipment and experienced crew to provide tree care

Fallen trees can crash through roofs, windows, wall, power lines, cars and more. These are time sensitive jobs and Southern Turf offers fast, efficient removal. 


We have years of experience in emergency tree removal and take pride in our work.  We have been servicing the needs of both Florda homeowners and businesses since 2008. Call us today to schedule a FREE consultation. We look forward in taking part in the beautification of your property.


A tree resting on your roof needs to be cleared immediately. Trees blocking your driveway or access to home will need removed quickly. 

Removing potentially dangerous trees before summer thunderstorms and hurricane season is a smart move. 

A team member will handle your call during regular business hours or a call back within 24 hours to handle your emergency tree removal.

Our team clears everything that needs removed. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

We don’t take advantage in times of crisis. We don’t drive up costs just because an emergency makes our services necessary.

Our expert tree and landscaping service supports the citites below and many other cities throughout the Central Florida area.

4 Reasons to Call an Emergency Tree Service

Trees can cause serious damage in the event of a storm. When a tree falls onto your house or blocks paths and roads, it’s definitely an emergency that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Tree limbs that extend close to buildings may damage the roof or create entry points for pests. In addition, a leaning tree poses a serious risk of falling and damaging property or people.

Damaged or Broken Branches

Damaged or broken branches are a common problem during severe weather and can pose a risk to property, people and power lines. If a tree has been damaged by heavy winds or by being hit with hail, it is important to have an emergency service come out to do initial work to prevent further damage.

If the branch has not snapped off completely, it may be possible to reattach it. However, the branch will need to have enough bark material left on it to support it.

It will be necessary to drill holes into the affected area of the branch and then attach it using bolts. This will help to give it extra support so that it can heal. In addition, the bolts will also keep insects and pests out of the area. This will allow the tree to get the nutrients it needs to grow stronger. It will also keep it from becoming weakened by the forks that occur when a tree breaks and has to be repaired.

Dead or Broken Trees

Dead branches are a serious safety hazard and may cause significant property damage or even injury to people or animals. They can easily fall off with a gust of wind and can cause structural damage to your home, fences or other structures in your yard. If you notice any broken or dead branches on your trees, call an emergency tree service immediately so they can repair them before they fall.

In addition, you should look for long vertical cracks or splits along large limbs as well as holes or round wounds on the trunk. These are signs of internal decay and are a sure sign that the tree is dying or already dead.

Additionally, if you notice any mushrooms growing on or near the roots of your tree, this is another clear indication that it’s dying and that it’s time to call an emergency tree service. Lastly, if you have trees that are growing close to power lines, they should be trimmed or removed as soon as possible so they don’t fall and create a fire or blackout hazard.

Trees That Are Leaning

All trees lean to some extent, which gives them character and adds to the beauty of your property. However, if a tree starts to lean more than normal, you should call an emergency tree service right away. This may indicate that the tree is in danger of falling over, which poses a risk to your home and its occupants.

If a tree is leaning near power lines, homes, or other structures, it should be removed as soon as possible. This is especially true after storms and other weather events that cause soil erosion. These conditions can cause the roots of the tree to become exposed, which can make the tree unstable.

A professional can remove the tree safely, minimizing damage to your property. They can also work with insurance companies to help you get the cost of the job covered. This can be very helpful for those who are facing a large bill after a disaster.

Trees That Are Dead or Damaged

When a tree dies, it becomes extremely fragile and can fall over or drop limbs. This is especially dangerous if it is near a home because the debris can damage the roof or cause serious injuries to anyone inside. In addition, the dead tree will likely require substantial repair, which may be expensive.

A tree that is infected with a disease or has large cankers is also a risk because it is likely to fall over at any time. These problems can be repaired by an emergency tree service, but the best solution is to avoid them altogether by having your trees inspected regularly.

Another reason to call for an emergency tree service is when a tree is in close proximity to power lines. A live wire can easily become damaged by a falling branch and shut off electricity to an entire neighborhood. This can be a serious problem for people who rely on electricity to use medical equipment or keep food and medicine refrigerated.

If you have trees that need removed or need clean up after a storm, Southern Turf can help. Give us a call at 386-416-8988 or email office@southernturf.co.