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Emergency Tree Removal

Leaning on power lines

Leaning on home or property

Blocking views

Damaged or decayed

Dead or dying

Hazardous location

Insect damaged

Root rot


A local family owned company, we are the area tree service experts
We use only quality equipment and experienced crew to provide tree care

Fallen trees can crash through roofs, windows, wall, power lines, cars and more. These are time sensitive jobs and Southern Turf offers fast, efficient removal. 


We have years of experience in emergency tree removal and take pride in our work.  We have been servicing the needs of both Florda homeowners and businesses since 2008. Call us today to schedule a FREE consultation. We look forward in taking part in the beautification of your property.


A tree resting on your roof needs to be cleared immediately. Trees blocking your driveway or access to home will need removed quickly. 

Removing potentially dangerous trees before summer thunderstorms and hurricane season is a smart move. 

A team member will handle your call during regular business hours or a call back within 24 hours to handle your emergency tree removal.

Our team clears everything that needs removed. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

We don’t take advantage in times of crisis. We don’t drive up costs just because an emergency makes our services necessary.

Our expert tree and landscaping service supports the citites below and many other cities throughout the Central Florida area.