Terms & Conditions

Southern Turf is not responsible for damage to any irrigation, concrete, sod, turf, landscape plants or unmarked utilities. Southern Turf is not responsible for fixing any ruts left by equipment in yard. Customer is responsible for removing anything from area that they do not want damaged. All septic tanks need to be marked prior to completion of job.
Debris will be picked up within a 24-48 hour time frame after job is completed, by a separate Grapple truck.
Minimum of 80% of total is due upon completion of tree crew. The grapple truck is a separate entity that will pick up the debris later. As soon as the debris is picked up, the remainder 20% of the total is due.
Unless agreed upon prior to job, there are no terms. Payment is due upon receipt. If you can not pay same day as job is scheduled, please inform the office during time of scheduling, and we will select a later date. Checks are to be dated day of completion of tree crew, or completion of debris picked up.
If you need to cancel your scheduled job, please do so 24 hours or more in advance. If you cancel the day of, you will be responsible for 10% of the job cost. If you need to reschedule the day of the job, there will be a charge of 5% of the job cost.
We book as accurately as possible to provide the fastest and most efficient service. Typically we are 1-2 weeks out for Tree and Site Services.
Work is scheduled as it is accepted. Schedule is subject to change and we do our best to keep up with demand even during the busy seasons.
We appreciate your patience and business.
Please reach out to the office if you have any questions or would like to modify your project. (386)416-8988
* Please note that your scheduled time may vary depending on the job ahead of you. You will receive a notification once the Crew is dispatched.