What would you use a knuckle boom crane truck for?

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The ability to lift and move cargo is a main function of any crane, and the knuckle boom truck crane is no different. It allows workers to perform construction and other jobs that would be much more difficult without a truck-mounted crane.

This type of crane can also be used to transport equipment like generators. The flexibility of the knuckle boom crane is what makes it a great option for so many industries.

Another advantage of the knuckle boom truck crane over other types is its ability to reach more horizontally. This is important when lifting objects over a building, for instance. A straight-boom crane will need to extend more of its boom sections to reach the same radius as a knuckle boom crane.

A knuckle boom crane mounted to the rear of a truck is able to get into spaces that are difficult for a telescopic crane to access, especially in European countries where there are more restrictions on truck sizes and roads. The knuckle boom crane can be equipped with different tools to increase the crane’s versatility even more, such as log grabs, buckets, and brick or block lifters.

When selecting a knuckle boom truck crane for your business, consider the rated load capacity that it can hold safely. OSHA regulations require that any crane be operated by certified individuals.


Knuckle boom cranes are a versatile equipment option that works well for moving loads in tight spaces. They mount in the center of a service truck’s bed, giving workers the flexibility to move materials from different locations on a job site with ease.

These cranes have a similar design to standard boom trucks, but the main difference is that they can fold at the knuckle and expand as needed. This flexibility gives them a unique set of abilities that make them ideal for use in the petroleum, marine, mining, forestry, and construction industries.

A knuckle boom crane also offers a higher payload capacity than other types of cranes. This is because they are smaller in size and lighter in weight, meaning that the truck’s cargo can easily fit underneath the crane.

When loading a truck with a knuckle boom crane, it’s important to begin with the heaviest and largest items first. This helps to create a balanced load and prevent damage to the rest of the items in the truck. It also helps to evenly distribute the weight of the items, so that all parts of the truck are able to carry the load.


The ability to load cargo quickly and efficiently is a huge benefit of using a knuckle boom truck crane. The seemingly small amounts of time saved during the loading process add up throughout the course of a day and allow you to work more productively.

Another important factor to consider is your truck’s capacity to handle a given amount of weight. If you plan on working with large loads, you’ll want to ensure your crane meets or exceeds this limit in order to be effective and safe.

Some knuckle boom trucks feature a rear-mount setup with the crane’s center of rotation behind the cab. This allows you to optimize the crane’s reach by backing it closer to an obstacle such as a tree or structure, but it also limits how far the pick can extend away from the truck body.

For those who need to carry their load in a tight area, a knuckle boom crane’s articulated design can get the job done. This versatility allows you to maneuver over and under obstacles in residential areas where space is limited. Additionally, many knuckle boom truck cranes feature enclosed operator cabins that provide protection from the elements, protecting delicate hydraulic cylinders from sun, dust, heat, and moisture. This also helps prolong their lifespan and performance.

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