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Introducing the Sennebogen 718E

Southern Turf is pleased to announce that we are the only tree service company offering the services of the Sennebogen 718E to residential consumers. This one of a kind machine can grab, cut, move and


Pond Maintenance Tips

Pond Maintenance Tips Small ponds seldom need a complete clean-out, unless they become extremely overgrown or silted up. Larger ponds may require some work in the beginning but a healthly pond needs little maintenance. Here


The Importance of Lake Clearing

Lake Clearing A serene lake or pond invites you to cast your line for trophy-sized fish or a peaceful boating expedition. However, aquatic weeds and organic debris spoil your waterfront experience. Muck builds up when


Land Clearing for Your Home or Business

Land Clearing for your home or business Whether you are a homeowner or a farmer, land clearing helps make the area a safe and attractive place to live. It removes debris, rotting tree stumps, and


The Manchineel Tree

Manchineel Tree (Hippomane Mancinella) The manchineel tree (Hippomane mancinella) grows in tropical southern Florida and the Caribbean. Its fruit, leaves and bark are lethal to humans — contact with them causes dermatitis, blistering, and conjunctivitis


What to do with wood chips after stump grinding?

After having a tree stump ground down, you will be left with a pile of wood chips. Cleaning this debris can be a chore and can add to the cost of the stump grinding. However,


Emergency Tree Service

4 Reasons to Call an Emergency Tree Service Trees can cause serious damage in the event of a storm. When a tree falls onto your house or blocks paths and roads, it’s definitely an emergency


How to Make a Butterfly Garden

A butterfly garden needs a mix of flowers, shrubs and trees at different heights. This reflects natural patterns in which butterflies seek out flowers at specific heights to accommodate their long probosces. Shallow puddles and


What would you use a knuckle boom crane truck for?

Lifting The ability to lift and move cargo is a main function of any crane, and the knuckle boom truck crane is no different. It allows workers to perform construction and other jobs that would


How much does landscape design cost?

How Much Does Landscape Design Cost? Landscape design is an investment in your home, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. The project cost will depend on a few key factors. For instance, more